Why partner with SFS for roofing and cladding screws?

Builders the world over rely upon our roofing and cladding fasteners to deliver success. Our metal-to-wood screws redefine industry standards through strategic design features and materials. In turn, our customers achieve time-savings without compromising safety, as well as attractive end results that won’t depreciate over time. 

Below are five reasons to partner with us for your next roofing & cladding project.

Customer support and services from seasoned professionals 

You’ll be hard pressed to find an expert that knows more about roofing & cladding fasteners than our team. We work closely with our customers to ensure their success and satisfaction, from the initial inquiry through project completion. We also provide optional support services, including application drawing creation, quality testing, and more. If you face a roofing & cladding construction challenge, we offer flexible, industry-tested solutions.

Color matching for a sharp appearance 

We make it easy to minimize the appearance of roofing and cladding screws with our  high-performance color system. The system has standard colors that closely match most industry metal panel colors, and we can custom match to meet project specs. Therefore, builders don’t have to paint the fasteners themselves, reducing labor costs.

We present a dependable screw for every application and budget

Roofing and cladding construction encompasses a broad range of projects, so it would be a mistake to treat wood screws as one-size-fits-all. In response, we created diverse product lines to address differing priorities and application requirements.

Searching for a roofing and cladding screw with rust-resistance and a weather-tight seal? A screw from the acclaimed WoodZAC® line is your answer. In an environment with minimal exposure to moisture? The WoodGrip may be better suited to your project needs and budget. What’s more, we offer a comprehensive assortment of lengths, thread configurations, and point-types.

Our team can make recommendations based on your specific project, removing any ambiguity about which is your ideal screw.

Smart screw designs evolved from testing and customer feedback

Regardless of your choice in roofing and cladding fasteners, you’re guaranteed to receive industry-leading quality. From the washer heads to the points, we've designed every screw-element to improve stability, installation speed, and overall application security.

Premium WoodZAC® and WoodMAC screws expand upon the quality of WoodGrip by utilizing corrosion-resistant metals like 304 stainless steel. No matter the environment in which you build, SFS will back the results with a lifetime limited warranty.

Our proven track record of innovation

SFS created the first rust-free drilling screw over three decades ago, and our hunger for innovation hasn’t slowed since. Each fastener is the byproduct of lengthy testing and customer feedback to maximize its usability. The resulting post frame screw lines—WoodGrip, WoodZAC®, Evergrip® and WoodMAC—have each earned international fanbases who rely upon them time and time again.

Talk with the roofing & cladding team or place your order

Together, we can identify which fastener best fits your building requirements and create a plan based on your timeline, budget, and job site needs. Call 866-847-5400 to place your order or collect general information on our capabilities.

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