Environmental impact focus

Being a worldwide leading supplier of mechanical fastening systems, assemblies, precision molded parts and logistics solutions, sustainable business practices are part of our DNA. Together with our customers we develop and supply customized solutions for the most varied of industries and markets that offer sustained added value.

The SFS Group has a microsite which describes the varied activities, posts statistics and shares success stories.

To find out more about the SFS Group sustainable activities, visit sustainability.sfs.com

We make. You build. They plant.

We believe that as the use of mass timber grows, so does our responsiblity to our planet.  We're looking for partners to build a sustainable future together.

For every project built with our mass timber hardware in North America, we've partnered with the National Forest Foundation to plant trees and regenerate our forests.  Join us in ensuring our industry and plant thrive for future generations of builders.

Marketing print initiative

We have expanded our commitment to activities in our marketing efforts.  Utilizing FSC certified and 100% recyclable paper, LED-UV inks and participating in the PrintReleaf program, we will help reduce our North America paper footprint in measurable ways.

We estimate, based on 2019–2020 print activities, that this initiative will have the following annual impact

Wood use

59.7 US Short tons less, a difference of 358.2 trees

Total energy

147.8 million BTUs less, a difference of 174.9 residential refrigerators operated/year

Greenhouse gasses/climate change impacts

CHG 156,700 pounds CO2 equivalent less, a difference of 14.3 cars/year

Water usage

26,000 gallons less, a difference of 19.4 clothes washers operated/year

Solid waste

960 pounds less, a difference of 217 people generating solid waste/day
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