Horizontally running rail system for face-fastened vertical panels


  • This product allows horizontal L profiles to be directly inserted into the brackets.
  • The bracket is secured to the substrate; either steel frame, block work, or timber. The horizontal slot of the bracket is then ready to receive an L or lipped L rail.
  • The L and lipped L rail can be adjusted for line and level and secured using fixed and sliding positions to allow for expansion and contraction.
  • This system is suitable for face-fastened panel applications.
NVELOPE NH3 is the system used to support vertical elements, allowing for varied façade design options. The system has a number of advantages over the NH2 system, making it faster and easier to install.


The selection of materials to use in the construction of a subframe system within a rainscreen facade is of paramount importance.  Material choice can also affect the thermal performance of the overall rainscreen in addition to engineering assurance.

NVELOPE system are manufactured from extruded aluminum alloy 6005A-T6 which provides superior strength and performance over and above other commonly used aluminum.


  • British Board of Agreement
  • Meets the compliance requirements of ASHRAE 90.1 and NFPA 285


  • NVELOPE brackets: allows adjustment between the face of the primary support to outer face of vertical profile
  • Thermal isolators: hard PVC isolator assembled as standard (located between the NVELOPE bracket and the primary structural support system).

Range of adjustment

NH3 brackets


NH3 Flyer

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NH3 detail set

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The NH3 horizontal bracket system for supporting vertical panels is a key member of the NVELOPE line of rainscreen cladding systems. Each system consists of the essential brackets, rails and fasteners needed to attach facades to exterior walls whil addressing the unique needs of the project. All components and systems are the byproduct of ongoing testing and customer feedback, ensuring that we present best-in-market rainscreen cladding solutions.  If you have questions about the NH3 system or the attachment of horizontal rails, please call 1-866-847-5400. 
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