NVELOPE support services

NVELOPE is more than a product line; we are a collective of passionate professionals invested in your success. We're here to help at every critical juncture of your rainscreen installation project, from drafting engineering schematics to on-site tool demonstrations.  


Our estimating department can help verify the best NVELOPE system to use on your project. Additionally, we can provide budgetary material costs and quote any additional services that are needed.

Shop drawings and engineering  

We work with engineering partners to provide full packages for our NVELOPE  systems. We offer stamped calculations, available with or without shop drawings. SFS’s sub-framing team will work with our customers and partners to properly coordinate project requirements and solve any issues.

Design consulting and custom materials 

Since 1966, SFS has led the industry in fastener development and competence in manufacturing processes. Our subframing team takes these skills and blends them with our NVELOPE systems, our ability to manufacture custom parts, and our innovative thinking to help architects and contractors design and solve complicated attachment issues.

Site support and start up training  

We offer optional on-site support to ensure the proper installation of the NVELOPE sub-framing systems. We can also provide initial start up training so installers are familiar with our products before arriving to the jobsite.

Project planning and inventory 

We work with our customers to ensure a satisfactory delivery timetable. SFS leverages and manages our distribution network and inventory levels to keep product moving and people building.

Download our NVELOPE brochure

NVELOPE brochure

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Call 1-866-847-5400 to connect with a member of our team to discuss our various systems and supplementary services. No matter whether you are compiling early estimations or are ready to purchase materials, we are ready to serve.
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