Architectural & facade fasteners

Don't compromise on quality! We equip you with fasteners engineered for maximum strength and usability to ensure long-term security no matter the environment. Plus, our premium Vista paint system provides a perfect color match for your facade. 

We push industry standards ahead with testing and innovation, resulting in fasteners that provide unmatched efficiency. Numerous architectural screws shorten multi-step installation processes into a single step, eliminate costly tools, and significantly lessen the likelihood of overdriving. Plus, we offer color matching for an immaculate aesthetic of which you can be proud.

Fastener color selector tool

Take the guesswork out of choosing the right color fastener.  Our fastener colors have been accurately matched to many manufacturers' panels.  Its easy... just follow the steps to find the perfectly matched SFS color code.
Bring your projects to life with the power and precision of our architectural fasteners. Call 1-866-847-5400 to get started.  
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