Why partner with SFS for metal building fastener solutions? 

Not all metal-to-metal screws are created equal, and they certainly don’t have universal application. Utilizing the right fastener is the difference between unfailing attachment strength and dangerous deterioration. 

Below are six reasons to utilize our screws and services for your next metal building project

An extensive inventory that covers broad metal-to-metal fastening needs 

Our generous selection allows you to find the screw with the best-suited material, strength, thread pitch, washer design, and drill point to produce optimal results. Whether you need fasteners for dissimilar metal connections, stitch applications, or nested purlins, we provide targeted solutions from which to choose.

Narrow down your options with our easy-to-follow metal compatibility charts and structural element guides. Plus, our product managers will gladly provide one-on-one guidance on which fasteners complement your designated substrate, load-bearing requirements, anticipated exposure to moisture and pollution, and budget.

We offer premium products to fulfill demanding requirements

Our inventory includes screws built to endure the most rigorous conditions, including heavy clamping loads, maximum drill speeds, and direct exposure to uninterrupted corrosive elements. We achieve this fortitude through precision cold forged manufacturing and superior metals like 300-series stainless steel.

Trust SFS-originated product lines like the ZAC®, MAC™, Flex5, SX, and Bi-Met 300 to equip you with the necessary fortitude and rust-resistance. Our premium fasteners come with various lengths, washer options, and configurations to satisfy a full range of applications.

We can customize metal building fasteners and services 

If our existing product lines don’t align with your project requirements, we can develop new prototypes. This process can involve drawings from our engineers, and access to our manufacturing and testing facilities. Our product managers and engineers will work closely to create a solution reflective of your existing resources, budget, timeline, and intended application.

Our VistaCoat® Premium System provides color matching and additional resilience 

Customers can visually match screws to the metal substrate with the VistaCoat® Premium System, ultimately enhancing the aesthetic with paint that won’t fade. What’s more, VistaCoat® adds yet another layer of protection against damaging corrosion, UV rays, and general impact. The system has 48 standard colors that closely match most industry metal panel colors, and we can custom match to meet project specs. By having us color-match the screws rather than passing the task to your builders, you ultimately save both time and labor costs.

We support customers with hands-on planning and job site services

We invest in our clients’ success through a number of different services designed to provide holistic project support. Amongst our most in-demand offerings is field quality testing. Other services include application drawings, in-house testing, and product training.

We earned our reputation through rigorous testing and development

We have become a leader amongst metal building fastening manufacturers through hard work and our refusal to settle for the status quo. Our engineers and in-house testing facilities consistently seek innovative ways to grow application efficiencies and lasting resilience to better serve our customers.

Present-day SFS fasteners are the epitome of years of research and customer feedback, resulting in unwavering performance and widespread approval from architects and builders alike.

Talk with our metal building team to learn how we can best serve you.

Call 866-847-5400 to order metal-to-metal screws, inquire about our services, or learn general information about recommended practices. We pride ourselves on our expertise and flexibility, enabling us to create solutions specific to your needs.

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