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SFS inventory management solutions

Our eLogistics platform integrates suppliers into a single inventory management system, regardless of your industry. This easy-to-use portal supports both intralogistics and coordination with external resources. Use eLogistics to track progress from the central warehouse to the build site, as well as everything in between. 

Process cost optimization: How big is your savings potential? 

Following a comprehensive analysis of your individual procurement situation, we develop a logistics concept with various options to sustainably reduce inventory management costs. Sensors will detect when you're low on a particular product and automatically place an order to replenish your stock. This limits human involvement and ensures you can service customers without interruption. Though the eLogistics platform comes from SFS, you can utilize the technology to order from other suppliers as well. 

The new tag: centerpiece of all M2M solutions

The core of all new SFS logistics systems is the tag, also referred to as "the sensor." It communicates directly with the controller and mobile devices so up-to-date delivery statuses are available at all times.

Status message on labels   
The tag not only shows whether a product replenishment order has been triggered, but also whether the delivery is already under way.

Autonomous detection of new labels 
The tag leverages NFC technology to automatically recognize new labels and notify the system of the changed item.

Express order
With the function card, the delivery of an already triggered order can be accelerated.

Integration of mobile end devices 
Item information and order statistics can be viewed in real-time with the SFS Logistics app

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The label with the QR code

labelLOG® is a lean scanner solution which requires no tag or controller thanks to the new logistics app "M2M by SFS" and it can still be operated by third-party suppliers. Orders can be directly recorded and sent by smartphone or a special QR scanner. With the simple handling, the flexible changing label system and the low hardware costs, labelLOG® is also suitable for companies with minimal handling.

Advantages and benefits of labelLOG

  • Simple ordering with smartphone or QR scanner
  • Also suitable for ranges by third-party suppliers
  • Status display with simple changing label
  • Can be used everywhere
  • No additional hardware required
  • Affordable solution

"M2M by SFS" logistics app

Full control of all item and system data With the new logistics app from SFS, users of the M2M systems get access to all information regarding their SFS logistics system. Item data, order status, order history, sensor status and lots more data can be called up at any time on site. The app also makes it possible to trigger express orders, process current orders, or request item mutations. The logistics app includes labelLOG® for easy order processing.

M2M by SFS features 
  • Compatible with turnLOG®, pushLOG®, weightLOG®, dropLOG® and labelLOG®
  • Connection to tag via bluetooth or via EAN-Scan
  • Item data, order status, and order history
  • Delivery status
  • Process current orders
  • Trigger express order
  • Request mutations
  • Call up system data (e.g. container weight with weightLOG®)

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Digital Logistics is a powerful technology which never stops evolving. If you are ready to explore what it can do for your business contact us at 1-866-847-5400. 
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