KladFix Subframe System

The ideal rainscreen cladding support system

The KladFix Subframe System is the perfect combination of cost effective and high quality. They are developed from the highest specification alloys and are suitable for supporting the most straight forward to the most demanding cladding material. Start off by selecting one of the three bracket categories below based on what you are attaching your brackets to and the size you will require.

Bracket ranges

Adjustments small to large for brackets

Bracket adjustment range

*Adjustment values are without isolator, add 5 mm for isolator


The isolators are situated between the brackets and the material the brackets connect to. Our isolators are known for their thermoplastic qualities as well as the durable plastic that they are made of.

Isolator slot types

Each isolator will have three slots and the size of them will depend on the bracket selected. Shown is a single universal isolator.

The Vertical to Horizontal Adaptor

This product allows vertical brackets to receive horizontal L & T rails.  The L and T rails can be adjusted for line and level and are secured using fixed and floating points to allow for expansion and contraction. This system is suitable for face fastened applications.


Profiles are cut to lengths that reflect the height of the panels that are going to be attached to them and then are secured to the bracket using a secondary fastener. These expertly engineered rails will allows for an easy installation and a clean exterior appearance.

SFS forms two-way relationships with architects and builders; we support you throughout your projects and, in turn, we stay connected to the industry’s preferences and priorities. We harness these insights to develop best-in-class rainscreen and cladding attachment systems that meet your needs.

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