Why partner with SFS for mass timber screws and other fasteners?

Architects and builders alike trust us to create innovative fastening solutions that optimize productivity and long-term reliability. Our far-reaching collection of structural timber fasteners is no exception; each screw, rod, dowel, and connector blends high-grade steel with purpose-driven design. 

Learn the seven reasons you can count on us to make your upcoming mass timber project a success.

Our mass timber fasteners meet strict code compliance

Our engineers our structural timber screws and related products to meet the highest standards, reflected in our various code compliance and third-party testing reports. To learn, visit the following links

We invested substantial intelligence and resources into mass timber solutions in anticipation of growing demand

There’s a lot we like about mass timber construction—it’s 100% renewable and, compared to other materials, it produces less of a carbon footprint. What’s more, it offers strength and energy efficiency at a reasonable rate. We expect the popularity of this versatile building material to climb, and SFS is prepared to lead the charge.

We dedicated years of research to develop first-rate structural timber products robust enough to withstand demanding application requirements. Whether you need to support reinforcement, install trussed beams, or build a gable roof, we have the screw, dowels, and rods you need.

Specially designed mass timber fasteners for time and cost saving 

Our inventory provides one example after the next of screws and connectors fabricated for maximum efficiency and installation integrity. For instance, the popular ConnexTite™ HT—available with partial and full thread designs, as well as in carbon or stainless steel—abolishes the need for pre-drilling and countersinking. As a result, builders can install the fasteners with greater speed while near-eliminating the risk of cracking.

We further project sustainability by helping to replenish forests

We believe that, as the use of mass timber grows, so does our responsibility to the planet. We actively partner with the National Forest Foundation to regenerate the utilized natural resources.

Join us in ensuring our industry and planet thrive for future generations of builders.

We’re eager to share our in-depth knowledge to maximize your success

We pair quality fasteners with comprehensive services to help you at every major juncture of your structural timber project. Our knowledgeable team can help you choose the optimal fastener for your choice of wood, application, and budget. You can also request engineering consultation, job site training, tool repair, or access to automated procurement technologies.

We can customize mass timber solutions for your particular product

We diligently created an inventory of screws, rods, dowels, and related connectors to fulfill a broad range of structural timber build requirements. Still, we recognize that unique builds occasionally require hyper-specific specifications best fulfilled with specially made fasteners. Our team will work closely with you to customize solutions to fit your stipulations, budget, and timeline.

SFS is an international company with a reputable track record and wealth of resources

We may provide the personal attention of a smaller company, but don’t be fooled. We are a well-established organization with over 10,000 team members that serve clients the world over. Founded in 1928, we’ve led the charge in new product development from one decade to the next, defining our role as an industry cornerstone. You can count on us to deliver quality results backed by fiscal strength and processes perfected over decades.
Collaborate with us to build sustainable success

We welcome you to browse our inventory and supporting materials, as well as to call 905-847-5400 to speak directly with a member of our team. No matter where you are in the planning stages of your upcoming project, we’re happy to discuss your options and which of our products may ultimately be right for you.

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