Engineering services

We engineer fastening solutions to fit unique project specifications and environmental needs

Our relentless drive to tailor solutions for each customer builds lasting partnerships. We connect an unmatched breadth and depth of end-market experience, technical capabilities, manufacturing know-how, and a strong global supply-chain to enable each customer's success.

Customer specific solutions

  • Unique parts—we can engineer customized parts that fit your specific application.
  • Application testing—we conduct comprehensive internal testing of SFS products on both standard and unique customer applications.
  • Product approvals—SFS products hold a wide-ranging list of external approvals from accredited institutions. Learn more here. 
  • Finishing processes—our industry renowned VistaPaint system specializes in coating and painting processes to optimize performance and appearance.
  • Paint colors—our color matching services ensure that fasteners blend in to any roofing substrate. 

Third party, independent laboratory certification 

Third party, independent laboratory certification options for testing programs where OEM's, designers or project requirements demand independent certification. 
SFS will help you engineer and bring your unique build to life. Contact your engineering team today today by calling 1-866-847-5400.
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