Why partner with SFS for low slope roofing?

No two names demand more respect in the low slope roofing fastening industry than SFS and Dekfast™. We offer unparalleled support and high-caliber products backed by decades of experience. We understand our customers’ priorities and develop new solutions to help them reach their goals. 

Below are the top six reasons why you should partner with SFS to deliver superior results. 

SFS maximizes both quality and process efficiency with state-of-the-art tools and screws

The SFS team engineers every component for optimal strength and usability, but no product demonstrates these principles better than the isoweld® induction welding system for roof membrane attachment. Comfortably portable as a backpack or stand-up tool, the isoweld® handheld inductor enables easy installation at any angle, even in areas with limited access. The incorporated temperature-sensing technology identifies membrane positioning, depth, and parameters to increase accuracy automatically. Other beneficial features of the isoweld® system are automatic counters and real-time feedback about installation success. The all-in-one tool makes one-step implementation possible, resulting in three-second weld times. Reduce tool and labor costs while reinforcing installation precision by leveraging isoweld® induction welding systems. Learn more here.

Low slope fasteners and parts are almost entirely made in the USA

Purchasing domestically-manufactured equipment benefits both you and local communities. By limiting reliance upon other countries for materials or components, we minimize the risk of external interruptions. What’s more, the shorter shipping distances reduce delivery delays and related carbon emissions.

We offer a versatile inventory and customer-specific solutions

Prominent fastener lines like Dekfast™ address diverse substrates, gauge requirements, and application features. However, if our existing low slope roofing products don’t fulfill specific project requirements, our product managers and engineers will collaborate with you to customize fastening solutions. All products undergo rigorous in-house testing to deliver premium results you can trust.

Roofing products that align with your quality standards 

We know that you seek low slope roofing screws that provide stability, high pull-out value, and resolute corrosion resistance. We have spent decades innovating, testing, and collecting customer feedback to perfect our fasteners and related roofing products. The result? Builders the world over know and trust the Dekfast™ name.

Easy access to our in-house low slope roofing experts

Our low slope services extend beyond product customization to support all project stages, from preliminary engineering drawings and calculations to in-person tool demonstrations. Our dedication to customers’ success earns us loyal customers and recognition as a frontrunner within a competitive industry.

Optional job site support including pull tests

Our in-house experts not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk. Our job site services include project start-up and rooftop crew training.

One of our most popular offerings is the pull test which validates the tensile resistance of the applied screws and strength of the roof assembly. Our findings help you troubleshoot pre-existing connections and confirmation that your crew will properly complete the job for maximum effect.
Collaborate with us to build with confidence 

We welcome you to discuss with a member of the low slope roofing team which of our products best align with your building plans. What’s more, we want to hear about your overall goals and challenges. Though we are a large company with international reach, we pride ourselves on providing flexible solutions to meet our customers’ timelines, budgets, and specs. Call 866-847-5400 to get started!

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