Timber construction screws & hardware

SFS spearheads timber screw development through ongoing design and testing, providing our customers with an innovative solution provider backed by a strong legacy and financial stability

Our direct interactions with customers and on-site applications help us create code-compliant timber screws and hardware that meet your top priorities. We fabricate our timber fasteners for maximum sustainability, usability, and versatility. Star products like our mass timber screws eliminate the need for pre-drilling or countersinking, saving you time and lowering the risk of cracking.  We offer a comprehensive range of timber screws, rods, and connectors, ensuring that we have the optimal fastener no matter the intended application or wood grade.  

Mass Timber Video Highlights

Timber is 100% renewable when harvested from sustainably managed forests and has a significantly lower carbon footprint than alternatives. In response, we invested significant research into perfecting fastening products and installation practices for our customers and are ready to present you with an all-encompassing timber screw inventory paired with hands-on consultation. Call 866-847-5400 to discuss how we can best help you with your next structural timber build.  
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